My Approach 


I am a fully qualified Counsellor or Psychotherapist - for me the two titles are interchangeable because the way that I will stay alongside you is in an entirely Person-centred way. 


I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Person-centred Counselling / Psychotherapy and use this as the basis of my approach in my therapeutic work. 

My role is to help you learn more about yourself and be your mirror as you look to find your truth. I will stay alongside and observe, reflect and reframe what is happening for you so that you can become more aware of who you are and understand yourself more which will help you in your search to find balance and harmony.

My approach is trauma informed and builds on well researched and evidenced work around the latest innovations in neuroscience and psychological understanding. Many people are carrying trauma in their lives and this can range from a single traumatic event to many compounded effects over their lives. I can support you through this as you work through your difficulties and help you find peace and balance alongside me as counsellor facilitating this process. 

I will  be with you as you start to think about your life and what is happening for you. I will never tell you what you should do or advise but rather be with you as you start to make changes to your own life. 

Some of the time we may be in the cosy  log cabin in front of the wood burning stove or in the tipi. Some of the time we may be talking together inside or outside in the environment just walking and talking. It really depends on what you would like best and we can talk about how this looks as time moves along. Your voice is always the most important when it comes to deciding how the therapeutic journey progresses. 

The peace and tranquility of the space in which the therapeutic conversation will take place is calm and beautiful.


Open views cascade up to the horizon of the Northern Pennines with nothing but rolling countryside as far as the eye can see. The views are immense and healing in their own right. You will feel the beauty and the strength of the environment as soon as you arrive; as your healing journey begins.