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Heart to Nature 

Environment  Facilitated Counselling 
Connection and healing in a therapeutic and natural setting 

Why Counselling and why Heart to Nature? 

Sometimes life can seem confusing and difficult and sometimes you know you need someone to talk to. When you're not sure where to go next and when your friends or family aren't enough to provide you with the support and empathic understanding you really need; that's where counselling can help enormously.

This is where I come in and working in a beautiful and therapeutic setting, I can help you to work out how to go forward with life on a healing journey.

You may be experiencing anxiety or panic, or struggling with trauma related difficulties. You may be feeling down and sad or have loss and grief making life tough for you. You may be finding it difficult to let go of worries from the past or thinking about struggles into the future and looking to find answers which help you move forward. 


I can help you by offering you a safe space to reflect and locate those feelings which are making life hard. I will offer you empathy by standing alongside you and being with you as you explore what this means for you. I will offer you trust and honesty and will not judge you in any way. I will honour who you are and support you to make choices and changes which will help you to become the best version of yourself and find some peace and calm in your life. 

This may be room based conversation in the beautiful log cabin, or in the atmospheric tipi or it may be outside therapeutic activity; spending reflective time in the space and natural environment.  How we do things will depend entirely on you and what you feel comfortable and safe with. 

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Heart to Nature is located just outside Appleby in Westmorland in the heart of the Eden Valley in Cumbria. We are situated in the Westmorland Dales, an extension of the Yorkshire Dales. The area is quiet and outstandingly beautiful and you will find peace and tranquility here. 

Ros Denby - BA Hons, PgDip Counselling and Psychotherapy, PGCE , Dip  (LEAP)  

Tel: 07496089003

Email: rosdenby@gmail.com


1 hour   £50